Pickin’ up paw-paws an putt’en’em in yer baskit…

Only coons sang this song.

Paw-Paw trees.

They always grew back along the creek banks back home.

I have tasted them once, but the coons usually got them before we could!

Asima Triloba (Pawpaw tree)

Asima Triloba (Pawpaw tree)

Kentucky State University’s Paw Paw Information.

Paw Paw fruit and tree facts.

Blossom Nursery’s Paw Paw tree site.

Wikipedia article about Asimina

Wikipedia article on Asimina Triloba (paw paw proper).


Wineries of Indiana

Oliver vineyards

Image of Oliver vineyards form www.indianawines.org, a website sponsored by Purdue.

Just a nice comprehensive list of Indiana wineries broken down by area.


Brought to you by Indianawines.org, brought to you by Purdue University.


You can also do some reading about the Indiana Wine Grapes Council


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