Serit arbores qvœ alteri secvlo prosint*

I got the idea for this blog sometime in 2008.
I was starting to think about how I can blend my life as a designer and teacher in Chicago with my childhood in Southern Indiana.

It is still coming together in my mind, but a blog that helps me research how to build a rural life and keeps everything in one place seems like a good first step.  I don’t plan on updating it every day, but rather as the mood strikes me or I stumble across new information.

Since then, I have expanded the scope of what I want to do.  I met Cyndi Kostitchka, the proprietor of Getaway Farms in Plymouth, Wisconsin in 2007 and have started to develop an interest in the training methods she uses with her horses.

So that is what Rural Pursuits is about.  A little bit of everything.  You will find information on agriculture and horticulture in Southern Indiana and Wisconsin, you will find information on building concrete foundations, wind-farms, solar collection, horses, and anything else that may strike my fancy as I feel my way along.
If you want to get a hold of me, you can always go to www.tchad.biz/contact.html or you can just email me at agriculture@tchad.biz


* One plants trees for the next generation.

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