Seedling Transport Courtesy of Singer

We stumbled on this accidentally last year as we were trying to get the Catalpa seedlings we started at the Chicago workrooms up to the farm.

Catalpa seedlings at 4 weeks old.

Catalpa seedlings at 4 weeks old.

For the first couple of weeks, we used a cellophane-covered cage in a canvas bag and moved six at a time.  That was taking forever.

Catalpa transport method

Fine, but a little tedious on the train.

Then we noticed that there are three sewing machine cases that were sitting empty.  Genius struck, and now we use them to transport all of our plants when we have to travel back and forth.  It is light, protective, and very easy to carry!

Sewing machine cases make a great plant transport system.

Sewing machine cases make a great plant transport system.


And that’s it.  No need to worry and fret about the stems breaking or it getting knocked about.

Pickin’ up paw-paws an putt’en’em in yer baskit…

Only coons sang this song.

Paw-Paw trees.

They always grew back along the creek banks back home.

I have tasted them once, but the coons usually got them before we could!

Asima Triloba (Pawpaw tree)

Asima Triloba (Pawpaw tree)

Kentucky State University’s Paw Paw Information.

Paw Paw fruit and tree facts.

Blossom Nursery’s Paw Paw tree site.

Wikipedia article about Asimina

Wikipedia article on Asimina Triloba (paw paw proper).


Tree Indentification

The Arbor Day Foundation has a terrific website that can help you identify trees out in the field.

Catalpa In Bloom

Catalpa in Bloom

You can either buy their guide What Tree is That? or you can use their online tree identification site.

Their site has tons of other tree-related information.  Go check them out!

You can also identify scores of trees by their common name at the Ohio Public Library Information Network.

Indiana Woodlands Steward has a nice site, and the Nature Conservancy has a great page on identification in Winter.